BALANCED WELLNESS is about Your specific Wellness.  Everyone has their own path to improving their health, with various starting places. Dr McAllister will take the time during the first appointment to get to know you and find out about your health care needs. She needs sufficient time to ask question and understand your health care goals. She has divided the Initial visit into 2 parts.




Initial Office Visit:

The first visit is 60- 75 minutes intake.

  • Dr McAllister will discuss your concerns and take a detail history to find the root cause of your health care needs. She may order additional diagnostic test to fully understand your health and start you on your own individual treatment plan.
  • Please download and fill out the intake forms before your first visit and if possible, mail, email or fax the completed form to us before your first visit.  Thank you!

Adult Intake Form

Pediatric Intake Form


Follow up visits:

      • Dr McAllister offers many ways to follow up on your treatment plan and continue your path to balanced wellness.  At your initial visit you will discus with her how often to follow up.
      • Follow up visits are generally 45 minutes in the office.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh



Dr Summer McAllister is a member of ProNatural Physicians Group and is an in-network provider for several insurance companies.


  • Most Plans



Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Most Plans
  • Federal Blue Cross Plans and Empire of New York do NOT cover Naturopathic Visits.  Your fee will be due at the time of service.


  • HMO, EPO, POS, FlexPOS only


  • Some plans

Medicare does NOT covered Naturopathic Visits

  • If your secondary insurance (not supplemental) covers naturopathic visits, then you will have coverage for the visit. Patients will not have insurance coverage with Medicare as the primary and only supplemental insurance. Office visits will need to be paid at the time of service.

United Healthcare,  Oxford coverage:

  • Dr McAllister is a OUT of network provider.  Fees will be due at the time of the visit.
  • We will provide you with the paper work to submit the claim for possible reimbursement.


If you are not sure of coverage for your specific insurance plan:  You can visit your company’s website or call your insurance company directly to verify coverage.  Simply ask the insurance company if Dr Summer McAllister is a covered provider for Your Plan.